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Discmania’s praised instructional video series Deep in the Game has transformed into a tour of Disc Golf  Instructional Clinics! In spring 2014 our Pro Disc Golf instructors Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte will tour throughout the southern states of the US, organizing Deep in the Game clinics for players who wish to improve their game. The tour kicks off from Phoenix, Arizona at the start of March and runs all the way until the end of May. Most of the clinic dates have been already set, but if you’re interested in hosting one in your city, please contact Avery Jenkins for more details:

Discmania Deep in the Game US Tour 2014 Producer
Avery Jenkins

About the Clinics

Each clinic will last approximately 2+ hours, containing comprehensive instructions on how to better your game. Attendees will also get personal advice on how to work on their form and other aspects that they may need to see some process. The minimum amount of attendees for each clinic is 15 persons and maximum is 30, so you may need to act fast to secure your spot! Paying for the clinic in advance via PayPal also pays off, as those who pay upfront will get a 5 USD benefit from the price. There will also be selected Deep in the Game Collectable items available for purchase at all of these events. Credit card payment will be available in most locations, but to play it safe we recommend bringing cash if you wish to make some purchases.


Registration is open. Please see the tour schedule on the bottom of this page. Times and locations will be informed as soon as possible – at least a month before the clinic, both personally and on this tour site. The dates are confirmed.

We confirm registrations every day between Mon-Fri. Please wait for your confirmation.

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Pricing & Payments

Payment methods & prices are the following:

PayPal – regular registration 25 USD
PayPal – with collectable tour disc 35 USD
Cash on-site – regular registration 30 USD
Cash on-site - with collectable tour disc 40 USD

All pre-payments must be made via PayPal at least 1 week before the clinic date. All prices are for 1 person & 1 clinic. Further payment information will be emailed to all registered attendees. All cash payments should be made in exact amount.

Tour Schedule