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5 tips for an Effective Tournament Warmup Routine

How do you expect to play well if you’re not actually ready to play well? A proper warmup before a round ensures that your mind and body are ready to perform at the bes...

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Team Discmania Grows With Two Talented Youngsters

We're very excited to introduce you to the newest Team Discmania members! These two young Finns Anna-Sofia Haipus and a gem found at our Combine event, Tuomas Hyytiäinen...

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New Signature Series: MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon

The Glow C-line MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon is here! This flat and grippy mid-range disc encompasses speed, accuracy and vision. At a speed five, the MD4 Lizotte Crescent...

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New Signature Series: Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

There is a story to be told. It dates back to 2013 when Simon Lizotte signed with Team Discmania. Simon and Discmania CEO, Jussi Meresmaa, sat down to decide what design ...

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Flat, stable & beaded – Introducing the P3x

The Discmania P3x is a driving putter with a capital D! Excellent choice also for those who don’t normally feel comfortable using putters in drives and approaches. ...

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Understable – Disc Golf Comic

Your weekly disc golf laugh.

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