Apply to Team Discmania

At Discmania, we select our team members based on their performance on and off the course. In the sport of disc golf it’s not too hard to be a good player on the course but the overall impact on the sport comes also from how you act outside of it. To be a member of team Discmania, one must be a true ambassador for the sport. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of the team, you can find out more about the concept on the 2016 Discmania Combine Tour page.

Next events will be during the upcoming season. We haven’t defined dates and locations yet. We’ll inform about new Combine events on our website and our social media outlets.


Welcome to the Discmania Combine! The players are going to compete in a series of skilled events from Putting, Approaching, Driving and a round of Disc Golf…four separate Disc Golf Throwing disciplines each worth a 100 points for a total of 400 points. These players will compete in all of these events, with the top players earning the most points throughout the event a chance to claim a position on the Team Discmania roster.

Of course, it’s critical to score well but it’s also very important that all players conduct themselves in a professional manner and display ultimate sportsmanship throughout the entire competition. Although, we are looking for the best overall players, we are also looking for players that represent themselves well as that’s very crucial in making the team. Being a solid and well-rounded individual is essential to being a player for Team Discmania.

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