Discmania Hidden Gems – the wrap up

Finally! A very prominent Disc Golf promoter by the name of Kuan Chen just posted good news to our facebook wall informing that the very last one of our Hidden Gems was found by Mr. Ham Bao Wu From Taipei, Taiwan. If you weren’t familiar with this whole Hidden Gems -ordeal go grab the facts from the Hidden Gems -page.

Hidden Gem #10 founder Ham Bao Wu

Hidden Gem #10 founder Ham Bao Wu

This was definitely a fun project for us to organize. After all, everything sort of started from the suspicious theft of one shiny briefcase, leading to some off-the-radar clues. After that we put out a small clip you’ve probably seen and launched the Hidden Gems -campaign.

Now we’ve heard that some of you guys were offended because the burglary-story was made up. We are truly sorry if someone is still sullen about it. The fact of the matter is that we felt like the Disc Golf scene was in desperate need of a little shaking up and the campaign as a whole felt like the best way to make some waves. Of course it’s also about selling some plastic, but that’s definitely not the only reason we did it.

For us doing something different is a way of pushing the sport forward. By doing cool things, the sport itself gains credibility and may even introduce a couple of fresh faces to the sport of Disc Golf. Judging by the feedback we’ve received, this certainly was a breath of fresh air and it pushes other disc manufacturers to do cool things too. I mean just look at the new Innova clip:

That’s gangster. And we certainly respect that.

That’s all for this time. The C-line is out and we highly recommend you give it try. We are extremely happy the about the way it turned out. And we do have a trick or two up our sleeves for the future too… Subscribe to our blog and / or like us on facebook to be among the first to know about the next big thing ;D

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