Discmania CashMoneyTour 2011

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We are very proud to announce that Discmania Golf Discs in cooperation with Finnish Frisbee Association will be hosting a national Pro tour in Finland this year. The tour is titled Discmania CashMoneyTour.

As Finnish Frisbee Association last year took a step towards the same sort of model as is used in the U.S, this tour will serve as the pinnacle national tour for both MPO and FPO divisions in Finland, much like the NT in the States. As one may guess from the tour title, this tour is about the Benjamins. The best players in both divisions will be awarded with cold hard cash prices in each tournament. Best all around scores will also be awarded with cash prices at the end of the tour. All competitions will naturally be PDGA-sanctioned. The tour will consist of 4 different tournaments. See the tour dates below:

Discmania Cash Money Tour dates

Each event will be hosted by a local disc golf club and every tournament has a fixed entry fee of 40 euros. Read more about the tournament (in Finnish) at the FFA forums.

We will also publish a special run of collectible fundraiser items for this tour. Be sure to check back on those!

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