Ambassador contest winners are in!

Late June this year we opened up a contest to search for three ambassadors to spread the joyous word of Discmania plastic. At the first phase we asked you guys to tell us what you’d do if you got chosen to this prestigious position and why you would be the right person for the job. This generated about 200 applications of which we hand picked top six for the public to vote on. After a 2-week voting period the results are finally in and the top-3 looks like this:

Needless to say, we’re really happy with the results and especially pleased with the amount of applications and votes we and our competitors received. All of our top 3 applicants received well over 1000 votes each, with the top score of 1305 by Trey Williams. The new Discmania Ambassadors will be receiving a 500 USD worth Discmania package including discs and brand new Discmania Gear. The three applicants that didn’t quite reach winning amounts of votes will receive a Discmania C-line consolation prize.

Next up for the fresh Ambassadors is spreading the word of Disc Golf and Discmania discs by the means they listed in their applications. For example, Michael DePue will be starting a video blog with disc reviews of Discmania discs. We will be posting updates from all of the Discmania Ambassadors in the future, so stay tuned for those!

Thanks again to all the people who sent applications and voted for the Ambassador applicants, you guys make us feel all soft and fuzzy inside! You definitely have the right spirit for spreading our precious sport and Discmania plastic!

Final results:

  1. Trey Williams, 1305 votes
  2. Michael DePue, 1150 votes
  3. Daniel Myrrusten, 1024 votes
  4. Matt Shustack, 786 votes
  5. Peter Fredriksson, 363 votes
  6. John Lorenzen, 49 votes

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