EuroTour kicks off!

Disc Golf season 2012 kicks off on the old continent this weekend, as the top European players gather Bergschenhoek, Netherlands for the 18th Dutch Open. The tournament itself is the first leg of EuroTour, the top Pro tour in Europe.

As usual, Team Discmania will be in action, as Seppo Paju, Juho Rantalaiho, Anders Swärd, Angelica Frantz and Vincent LeMoigne are aiming for the highest places in the podium. Additionally Discmania Germany‘s own Greg Marter will be attending the tournament. Dutch Open 2011 second place finisher Seppo Paju will be updating his blog during this weekend, so be sure check out

Seppo Paju, Team Discmania

Seppo is concentrating hard to take home the victory this weekend.

Handy links for the tournament:

Results page @
Tournament website
EuroTour -page @
Seppo Paju’s Blog
Fantasy Disc Golf

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