C-line FD release on Oct 8th!

In our seemingly continuos stream of good news, there’s more good news! Our most sold driver model to date, the FD Jackal, will soon finally be available in super durable C-line plastic. The feedback on the FD has been phenomenal and it has broken all sales records in Europe, making it Europe’s most sold disc model of the year. That’s right! And you thought this was the year of the Blizzard. Nope. This is the year of the FD!

The FD in C-line is arguably more stable than it’s S- & D-line versions. For those who’ve loved the S-FD for it’s tremendous glide and straightforward flight path, the C-line version offers more reliability with a milder high speed turn and added low speed fade. What’s great about the C-line version is that while S- & D-FD’s have been too flippy for some power throwers, the C-line version resists power a lot better. Essentially this disc is almost an extended midrange disc – It flies predictably and controllably like a midrange but thanks to it’s tremendous glide it just keeps going and going.

The international release date is set to Monday, the 8th of October but depending on your region, it may take some more time before they are available at your local Discmania retailer. We are really psyched about this disc, hopefully you are too! We believe the FD in it’s different plastic blends is a disc model basically everyone can better their game with. We’ve seen this in action ourselves and heard the feedback from the field, this truly is the year of the FD!


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