Coming up: Discmania P-line P2 Psycho

Discmania P-line P2 out soon

Here’s the news we know you’ve been waiting for: The P-line P2 Psycho will be released on November the 5th! Shaped by popular demand, this putter has already been in circulation as a limited release, but the time has come to release the greatness of P-P2 to the masses! The D-line P2 is our most used putter among advanced and Pro players and it’s probably the most used putter among these players in whole Europe.

Already available in grippy D-line and super durable S-line, the stable and reliable P2 is more than qualified for handling all your putt and approach action. In addition to this, the P2 performs gloriously off the tee, providing reliability and good wind resistance for all players. The straight flying, yet strongly finishing beadless P2 will now be released P-line plastic, a plastic blend very similar to that used in Innova’s KC Aviars, so you know it will only get better with age.

Discmania P-line P2

The plastic itself is very firm and not too grippy, providing smooth releases and great point-and-shoot accuracy around the basket. The stiffness of the plastic ensures very slow aging, so you’ll have a reliable tool for countless rounds to come without the need of getting a new one after every tree hit. We predict that this will be the no. 1 putter among Pro players come next season. Try it out and you’ll find out why!


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