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On the brink of the European disc golf season we are extremely happy and proud to announce the new Team Discmania member: Simon Lizotte! Further introductions aren’t really necessary for the reigning European Champion and #3 ranked player in Europe. We are looking forward to a season that is undoubtedly going to be very exciting. Join us and follow Simon’s feats throughout the season.

An interview with Simon

The anticipated European disc golf season kick-off, Dutch Open, is just a few days away. It is also the first event where Simon will be representing Discmania. We had a welcome opportunity to catch Simon for a quick interview prior to the event.

Q: How do you feel when you are now signed up with Discmania?

Simon: Me playing with Team Discmania feels amazing. I really enjoy the new equipment and the teamspirit. I love the style and the people working with me now and believe we can do great things together in the future.

Q: What did make you to choose Discmania?

Simon: I chose to go with Discmania because I feel very comfortable with the team, I love the discs and the style. Just looking at the statistics, how Discmania has done in the past years, made me want to be a part of the Discmania team. I totally trust the system and want to help achieve all the amazing goals for the upcoming years.

Q: What are your main goals for the season?

Simon: My goals for this season are winning the German-Tour, the Euro-Tour, winning every german tournament I play, most Euro-Tour tournaments and playing the 2013 USDGC. But my main goal this season is to play at my best level consistently. I think it is important to have fun so I really want to do well this year!

Q: What´s in your bag right know?

Simon: My new Putter is the D-Line P2 Psycho. I feel very comfortable with this disc and it’s not a big change to the Aviar. For midrange throws I use both the MD1 and MD2. I really like the SG-Line MD1. It’s an overstable midgrange disc with a great feel to it. My C-Line MD2 is a super straight flyer with a soft turn at the end. My choice when I need a controlled, low and straight upshot.

My new favourite driver is the C-Line PD2. It’s probably my favourite distance driver ever because I can trust it 100%. It’s so overstable that it can handle my armspeed with no problems. I also use the S-Line PD2 for max. distance. It’s really fast and not so overstable. For straight fairway shots I use my probably favourite Discmania disc. The C-Line FD. It’s comparable to the TeeBird from Innova and can do about anything. I use it for low and straight shots, for long anhyzer shots and for long hyzer shots. My really overstable driver is the Champion Firebird. I use it in windy conditions, for shorter hyzer shots and sidearm throws.

Q: What is your prediction for top-3 in upcoming EuroTour start in Netherlands?

1. Simon Lizotte
2. Sylvain Gouge
3. Maxime Tanghe


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