Lizotte wins Finnish Open

The German wunderkind visited Finland again last weekend, only to take home the prestigious Finnish Open title before a strong field of young Finnish talents accompanied by one of the greatest European players of all time, Jesper Lundmark from Sweden. The Finnish open was the 8th event of the main Tour in Europe – The PDGA EuroTour. In the Tour standings Simon is currently tailing fellow team member Avery Jenkins who’s 3-month trip to Europe placed him on top of the leaderboard. Unfortunately there are no updated standings available, but the standings before FO can be found here.

Simon’s interview after the tournament:

Play-by-play footage from the final round:

Holes 1-10:

Holes 11-18:

Meanwhile in the US:

…Huge congrats also to Paul McBeth for his back-to-back World Championship last week! Keep it up McBeast!

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