Lizotte on US Tour 2014


Simon Lizotte takes on the US Tour 2014.

We are proud to announce our support for Simon Lizotte‘s US Tour 2014. Arguably one of the most skilled Disc Golfers in Europe, the 21-year-old German phenom signed up to Team Discmania early last season and has been banking up victories around Europe ever since. Simon is well-known around the old continent and beyond from his massive drives and take-no-prisoners playing style. Definitely one of the most audience friendly players on tour, Simon will be the first real European player to take on the US tour with this magnitude.

Trained by Champions

“We are very happy to be able to send Simon on tour against the best players in the world”, says Jussi Meresmaa, the CEO of Discmania. “We are confident that with the right type of practice and support he will have what it takes to endure and succeed against the US Pros on their home soil”. Simon has already touched ground in Rancho Cugamonga, CA, where he’ll undergo an intensive training program designed by Mr. Meresmaa and Simon’s primary coach, 2009 Disc Golf World Champion Avery Jenkins.

2009 Disc Golf World Champion will be coaching Simon for life on tour.

2009 Disc Golf World Champion will be coaching Simon for life on tour.

“We are not only breaking ground by bringing the top European Pro to US tour, but also we are taking the first steps in creating a format on how sponsors should take care of their brightest stars as the sport keeps evolving” says Avery Jenkins who has been keeping an eye on the young German wunderkind ever since they first met in the European Open 2009 on Discmania’s home turf in Tampere, Finland. “Simon as player holds great potential but lacks the year-round practice facilities in his home town of Bremen, Germany” Jenkins adds.

Enjoying California

Meresmaa and Jenkins, both very accomplished Disc Golfers themselves, have created Simon a practice regimen that consists of not only throwing exercises, but full nutritional diet and physical endurance training too. “We strongly believe that being a top-level Disc Golfer in the future will require similar physical shape to the top pros of most other sports” says Jenkins. “Skill and a good head game can only take you so far. As the sport is starting to become more popular among younger players, great physical shape and the ability to endure long rounds in varying conditions becomes even more critical to success” Meresmaa adds.

Simon is currently staying at the Discmania condo in Rancho Cugamonga and training in the warm California weather. Simon tells he has been fast to adapt to his new surroundings and has already shot 2 300+ feet aces during the first week of training in California. After completing his training season, Simon will start off his spring tour by playing the Wintertime classic in Pasadena, CA. He will also soon start blogging about his adventures here on the Discmania website. For more updates from Simon, go like Simon’s facebook page: Lizotte Disc Golf.

Simon's tentative tour schedule for spring 2014. Click to enlarge.

Simon’s tentative tour schedule for spring 2014. Click to enlarge.

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