Pre-Season Interview with Simon Lizotte


Earlier this week we announced Simon Lizotte’s spring US Tour in our blog. As most of our readers know, Simon hails from Bremen, Germany, and he is not only the reigning European Champion but also the winner of PDGA EuroTour from season 2013. We had a chance to catch some of Simon’s thoughts right after he landed in sunny California for his pre-season training. Simon will also be the first European Pro player living only by playing Disc Golf.

Tell us about you and how did you end up playing Disc Golf?

Simon: I’ve been playing Disc Golf since I can remember. My father learned about this great game when he was in college, so he taught me how to throw and how to play. Just by playing rounds with my friends I became better than my dad and all my friends. Than I became a lot better. As I grew taller, my arm speed increased and I was able to throw further almost day by day. I started competing in the pro open division as I turned 15. This was 2008, the year I probably made the biggest steps towards being a professional Disc Golfer. I built a winning mentality in Germany. Then a much bigger stage presented it self to me: Europe. First struggling in many events, not being noticed too much, I got lucky in Tampere, Finland in 2009, where I had the pleasure of competing against Climo, Feldberg and Lundmark during the final round of the European Open. This brought me to a whole new level. I started being noticed by my idols. People started talking about me. When I get to a tournament in Europe today, I´m the player to beat. Now, with me being sponsored by Discmania – a company that gives me incredible opportunities, I have the chance to be a touring pro! This is pretty awesome :)

Discmania is sending you to US to compete against the best Disc golfers in the world – how do you feel about that?

Simon: Discmania has been an incredible team for me! Not only this upcoming year the support is great. Also last year has been a complete honour being a part of this Disc Golf movement! I feel really excited about the tour, obviously! But in another way I have a lot of respect facing this journey. I know it all sound like 100% fun and good times, which it will be for sure, but I know how tough it can be, being on the road all the time when you`re not used to it. But I can’t wait to finally be in Cali and start my new life! I’m totally motivated and ready for it!

Tell us about your off-season in sunny California

Simon: My off-season will bring me to the next level! A level I have to achieve to compete against the best players in the world. I’m thrilled that I have Avery Jenkins by my side, not only him being a great partner and friend, but he will push me through this trip as a coach and mentor! I will have a good, healthy diet and a tight workout and training schedule for every day. I hope that my body will transform into a throwing-machine and my mindset into a winning-machine.

What are your expectations for this season?

Simon: I don`t really like putting expectations on myself. I want to play the best I can play. If I do that, I´m sure I will be satisfied. But one thing I do expect: Never give up, keep strong and pull through!

How does it feel to be the first European pro, living only with playing Disc Golf?

Simon: It really feels like a dream come true! This opportunity is what I’ve been waiting for all my life. I hope I can represent well!

What are you waiting for the upcoming tour?

Simon: I’m especially looking forward to playing so many new courses! Ones I’ve only seen on screen and pictures. I also can’t wait to meet all the great players and people again. Just the feeling of a new life will be incredible for me.

What’s in your bag at the moment? Any updates coming up?

Simon: No new updates since season 2013. You can take the tour of my bag in this SpinTV video:

Follow Simon’s Adventures

We are proud to announce that starting very soon, you will be able to follow Simon’s adventures on his US Tour and pre-season training here at, as Simon will start blogging about his US tour here on our site. In the meanwhile you can stay on top of his groove by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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