Introducing the new Discmania Tour Bag by Grip EQ

Earlier this week we leaked a picture of our upcoming bag to our social channels. The announcement raised a lot of interest and speculation about the nature of the upcoming bag design. Some speculations turned out to be right, as the soon-to-be-released bag is fruit from our “secret” cooperation with Grip Equipment.

For us, choosing Grip EQ as a partner for developing a tour level bag was an easy choice. We’ve always appreciated the amount of focus they put in designing their product and it’s easy to admit that the brand boasts a healthy amount of coolness, which really suits our liking.

One of the core benefits about Grip Bags is that they represent the top of line in their product category, The A-Series Tour Bag being arguably the best Disc Golf backpack in the market. For us, having limited experience in this field, and many members  of our team and staff  being long time Grip users, the choice was obvious.

See the bag introduction video below:


The limited edition Discmania/Grip EQ Tour bag will be available for purchase thru selected dealers starting April 7th.


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