Simon Lizotte is Back

Simon Lizotte is back on US soil to take a run at the 2014 World Championships Title. This Wunderkind is looking to take advantage of the long courses in the city of roses aka Portland, Oregon. There are three courses here that suit Simon’s strengths very well. These courses are Milo McIver East, Milo McIver West and Blue Lake.

The Milo McIver courses were originally a golf course that was carved out through forests along the Clackamas River. The long fairways cut through the forest makes for highly creative lines with lots of air time allowed for those who can throw far. It’s not an easy course by any means, but it’s sure to put on a show for all of those who can make it out to watch.

The Blue Lake course is where the final 2 rounds will be hosted. These last two rounds is where you need to be if you want to see the fireworks for this event. There is lots of open air and long shots with the occasional trip in and out of the thick wooded areas, for those looking to take home the World Championship Title they will have to avoid the OB filled with fruitful black berries bushes and their thorns. This course is where Simon can really flex his muscles and drop some long range bombs. We will all see if he’s given himself a chance to take home the championship when he makes his way to the course on Saturday.

Here’s Simon’s pre Worlds blog post

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