Introducing the Discmania Fanatic Backpack

A disc golf backpack doesn’t need to cost an exorbitant amount of money to deliver both quality and functionality. The new Discmania Fanatic Disc Golf Backpack is the perfect disc golf backpack for both beginners and competitive disc golfers who don’t want to shell out a large sum of money.

Available in two colors, black and gray, and made of water resistant materials, the Discmania Fanatic Backpack is designed to hold 16-20 discs in the main compartment with room for three putters at the top of the bag. You can easily fit any combination of discs to help you tackle your favorite disc golf courses.

Best of all, the Discmania Fanatic Backpack will only cost you $59 in the United States and 59€ in Europe.

More Than Just Disc Storage

Along with the putter pocket and main compartment for discs, the Fanatic Backpack is flanked by two large zipper pockets for all your accessories. In addition to that, you’ll find two open pockets for 32 oz. water bottles.

The back structure provides a firm back that offers ergonomic use and stability when the bag is resting on the ground.

With the low cost, the Discmania Fanatic Backpack is the perfect solution for disc golfers anywhere. It is perfect for a casual round, but can also hold up to the toughest tournament conditions.

The Discmania Fanatic Backpack will be available worldwide on Wednesday, March 28.

Check the availability at your favorite Discmania retailer or order yours online from Discmania store or InnovaStore (EU).

Fanatic Backpack Front - Grey Fanatic Backpack Back - Grey Fanatic Backpack Details - Grey Fanatic Backpack Putter Pocket - Black


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