Steven Braud: Latest to Seize the Shield

Team Discmania continues to grow in 2018. In December, we announced the signing of our five newest members via the Combine. Now, during this Year of the Shield, we’re excited to

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Colten Montgomery: All-In on Disc Golf

If you catch the Discmania RV, the Maniac, on the highway or at your local course in 2018, it is safe to say that Team Discmania member Colten Montgomery is the man behind the whee

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New Signature Series: P2 Lizotte Sky God

In the world of Doom Birds and Crescent Falcons, there is one to rule them all: the Sky God. Specifically, the Discmania C-Line P2 Lizotte Sky God. With a little added stability, t

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Jenni Eskelinen: Pro Disc Golf & Motherhood

Her friends describe her as a "radiant and athletic person who is constantly in motion." With a good sense of humor and a nose for excitement, Team Discmania member Jenni Eskelinen

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Disc Golf Academy Basics: Flight Ratings

One of the first things you might notice when getting into disc golf are the numbers printed on the disc. Commonly referred to as flight ratings or flight numbers, these serve as a

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Discmania PDx: The Wait is Over

For over two years, some of the most common questions we've received have revolved around one single disc. A disc that wasn't in full production. A disc that served as an exclusive

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