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Bradley Brown

Bradley Brown

Country: USA ( Warsaw, Missouri)
Dominant hand: - Right
PDGA: #81343
I started playing disc golf when I was 11. My youth pastor at church took a group of us to the local 9 hole course. I instantly got addicted and my goal was to get better and actually do something with disc golf than just play on the weekend. So I worked really hard every day to get better, hours of putting practice.
Playing every day and working on things that I was struggling with, I did as much as i could to get better. Then I saw a post about the Discmania Combine and I practiced really hard for it. Once I showed up, I was feeling really confident. Then my favorite disc golfer ever Simon Lizotte stepped out of the van and I started freaking out so I just needed to calm down and play. I didn't play my best but it was one of my favorite experiences ever and I just cant wait to see where disc golf leads me.
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