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Elias Luukkonen

Elias Luukkonen

Full name: Elias Luukkonen
PDGA#: 106059
From: Espoo, Finland
Born: 2005 
Handedness: Right
Joined Team Discmania: 2020

About Elias:
I have been into all kinds of different sports for my whole life, but in the past few years disc golf has become by far my favourite sport ever. My first experience of playing disc golf took place in the spring of 2016 when our school took a field trip to the nearest disc golf course. I was instantly hooked from the beginning and my passion for the sport has only grown since.

My goal in disc golf is to always improve my game and hopefully some day become one of the best while still enjoying this awesome sport. Disc golf has already taken me so far and I'm looking forward to all the opportunities in the future. Being a part of Team Discmania has always been a dream of mine and I think that it will make for a more exciting career.

Notable Achievements:
2020 MJ15 Finnish Champion

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