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Mikko Setälä

Mikko Setälä

From: Tuusula, Finland
Born: 1982
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #57260
Joined Team Discmania: 2020

About Mikko
Mikko took up disc golf in 2009 by happenstance by picking up a few discs at a local store after seeing his then home city had a 9-hole course. Ever since he has been an active member of the disc golf community, whether at the local club he and his friend started, or online at various discussion groups. Discmania became his chosen manufacturer early on, due to excellent customer service and since the limited molds in early 2010s helped keep the collector instinct at bay. In 2017 Mikko got the chance to join the Discmania Media Team and channel his enthusiasm about Discmania plastic into media content online. He has been part of the media team up to the present and proudly joins Team Discmania as ambassador in 2020.

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