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Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)

Discmania Mystery Box

Product image 1Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)
Product image 2Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)
Product image 3Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)
Product image 4Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)
Product image 5Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)
Product image 6Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)
Product image 7Limited Edition C-Line Instinct (Dark Stone)

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Flight numbers

  • 7 Speed
  • 5 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 2 Fade
As a result of tons of feedback to create versions of discs in crossover plastics between Evolution and Originals lines, the first set of special gems were created and introduced with the Winter Mystery Box campaign in 2023. Don’t miss your chance to have the pick of the litter with this limited set of Lost Stones available while supplies last! Instinct has always been one of the most reliable fairway drivers but also relatively low-key in terms of how talked about the mold is. This C-Line version is stiffer and more over-stable than other Neo or Meta Versions of the past, meaning you can really crank on this thing and trust that it’s always going to get back where you need it to go.

Out on the course exists a relentless battle. This battle rages on between players, the course, and your own game. Some players rise while others fall and out on the course there’s only one consistent trait that all top players depend on, their instincts.

The Instinct is the first fairway driver and the very first disc released in Discmania's Evolution line. It offers the perfect blend of control and stability, resulting in a fairway driver that can be depended on for touch shots as well as big crushes down the fairway. The disc is a glide machine and makes your control drives longer. Evolve your game by trusting your instincts!

Good for: Control drives, sidearms, for advanced and Pro players

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