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Discmania Mystery Box (Black Edition Bundle)


Product image 1Discmania Mystery Box (Black Edition Bundle)
Product image 2Discmania Mystery Box (Black Edition Bundle)

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Save $10 on your purchase when you bundle up! Each Mystery Box Bundle receives two entirely different sets of Lost Stones with your order. These Mystery Box Bundles give you the best variety and Mystery possible, though some contents other than Lost Stones may be similar between bundled Mystery Boxes. The featured disc included will exist in every box ordered, but colors may vary.

The most exciting gift of the holiday season is back for the grand finale! A brand new reinvented Originals feature disc and the final key to the ultimate prize, the Cloud Stone, await you. As the Legend of the Lost Stones unfolds, will you join Dallas Jr. to solve the Mystery?

The Discmania Mystery Box is by far the most popular Mystery Box in the disc golf world, a true global icon. Featuring exciting never before seen discs, collectible packaging and goodies, and keys to the wondrous Cloud Stone - Discmania Mystery Box is the ultimate gift for any disc golfer! The Discmania Mystery Boxes are (in)famous for selling out fast, so make sure to grab yours quickly!

Each Discmania Black Edition Mystery Box includes:

  • At least 150% value for your money
  • 1 all new Originals mold never before seen or released, the reinvented PD2 in Swirly S-line plastic!
  • 7 other discs, including special stamps, Special Edition discs and some stock discs as well
  • 3 guaranteed stones of the 7 total worldwide. 1 of these stones is the featured disc included in all Mystery Boxes
  • 1 premium 1st Run, Signature Series or Creator Series disc
  • 1 premium stock disc
  • 2 misprint / X-Out discs (1 premium, 1 base)

This year's boxes have been specifically designed to provide a balanced mix of different types of discs. Each box contains a total of 8 discs, of which 6 are in premium plastic. 3 of these discs will be the hidden premium plastic gems in new mold-plastic combinations you seek and the remainder of the contents will include 2 stock discs (1 premium, 1 base), 1 premium Signature Series disc, and 2 misprint / X-Out discs (1 premium, 1 base).

All of the featured discs and gems are items that have been specifically produced for the Mystery Box season. Will you be the first to find all the precious stones you seek? A total of 7 unique stones can be found in these boxes, also produced in a scaling color rarity throughout. So if you’re seeking to complete the set faster than your friends, make sure to pick up a few boxes to get a head start on your hunt! 

What’s the difference between Red Edition and Black?

We’ve been busy digging in the Mystery Box mines and have uncovered an entirely new set of Lost Stones for the Black Edition. With the purchase of a Black Mystery Box, the featured disc inside and any other special stones included are exclusive to this version and not found anywhere else. We’ve also prepared a Red and Black bundle product [link] if you want an extra boost on your gem hunting. 

These boxes also contain discs exclusively from our Originals and Evolution line only. But our treasure seekers might come to find that some are a little more special than the rest!

Be sure to follow the journey through our newsletters and social media as we uncover more to the mysterious saga of the Legend of the Lost Stones.

Why should I buy a Mystery Box?

Opening a Discmania Mystery Box brings excitement to any disc golfer. There's nothing quite like opening one of our Mystery Boxes and revealing each gem inside. You'll never know what to expect. And we made sure there are always goodies you can’t find anywhere else.

Every Discmania Mystery Box brings the best value for your money. We proudly guarantee that each box contains discs worth at least 150% of the box price in retail value. That's the best deal on our discs you'll find all year!

Nothing brings the Mystery like a Discmania Mystery Box. We always include a certain edition-specific featured item that is included in every box, but the rest of the goodies vary from box to box. If you're looking for a set of specific discs, this product may not be for you - in that case our customer service is happy to help you find the perfect discs for you. But if you're ready to roll the dice and experience the Mystery, we highly recommend picking one up!

Please note 1: The Mystery Boxes are pre-assembled and we unfortunately can not promise to deliver specific weights or colors based on customer requests.

Please note 2: The Mystery Boxes are delivered in the sleek black Mystery Box packages, but if your order contains other items as well, those items will be included in the same boxes when possible. In this case, Mystery Box product contents can be found underneath a flyer. If you choose to purchase multiple Mystery Boxes or other items that do not fit inside the black box, your order will be shipped in a larger box containing all items in your order. In some cases, this may also mean multiple separate parcels.

Please note 3: Discmania USA staff is on holiday break from Friday December 23rd until Wednesday January 3rd. No packages will be shipped during this time and customer service will be unavailable via phone. Some limited communications will be offered through our store@discmania.net account. Packages ordered by January 3rd are expected to ship by Friday January 19th.

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The most affordable plastic in our Originals line. D-line offers great grip and D-line discs can be cycled through your bag in different stabilities as they beat in. The D-line plastic comes in 3 different flexes. Flex 1 is the softest, Flex 2 is our medium stiffness and Flex 3 is the stiffest D-line plastic.


Our most durable plastic – these discs wear down very slowly. C-Line discs retain original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, the C-Line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Good grip and showstopper see-through look. Typically the most stable blend of plastic in our line.


Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability. This plastic ages well, which means that your disc doesn’t change drastically in its flight behaviour after a couple of collisions with trees.



The Glow C-line discs come from a very durable blend of C-line plastic that glows in the dark. Currently only reserved for fundraising projects & specialty discs.


Glowing version of the D-line plastic. It adds glowing properties to the disc.


Much like the Glow C-line plastic, the Color Glow C-line discs are very durable and glow in the dark. What makes the difference is that they glow in different colors, depending on the color of the disc.


The Metal Flake C-line is normal C-line plastic with little metal flakes within the plastic. It may change the flight characteristics depending on the mold but the durability and feel are exactly the same. The metal flakes make plastic colors pop, but still allows the plastic to be transparent.


The Swirl S-line plastic is one of the most sought after plastics in Discmania’s line up. Swirl S-line plastic is a mix of colors usually displaying one of the majestic discs you have ever seen. When it comes to grip and durability, it has the same consistency as normal S-line plastic, but they are so much fun to show off to other players. Perfect for all players alike.


Special blend S-line has been featured in a few different signature/creator releases. Special blend S-line is as the name states, a special blend of S-line plastic that is not currently used in regular S-line releases. Some releases in this plastic have unique colour combinations similar to the Swirl S-line plastic. The plastic offers a nice grip and great durability!


The Chroma plastic is extremely durable and catches the eye with its distinct pearlescent look. Chroma plastic feels firm and grippy in hand to give you the extra bit of confidence when you're preparing to slice it straight through the narrow fairway.


Horizon plastic is an S-Line combo containing two strikingly different color variations. Our experts behind the machines have taken careful measures to make sure that each interior and exterior color way is perfectly matched.



Exo - Standard plastic with two different flexes on standard releases: soft and hard. Exo plastic provides a great grip, especially the soft plastic. Wears gradually.


This plastic is similar to D-Line plastic in our Originals line. Affordable, easy to throw, and able to handle moderate wear and tear on the course.


Neo - Semi-translucent, premium plastic. Not only great looking but also the most durable and rigid Evolution line plastic! Still has some flex to it, and thanks to the special finish it offers an awesome grip.


Lux - Solid, premium plastic with outstanding grip in all conditions. Lux plastic is very durable and ages well. The discs hold their flight characteristics well.



Semi-translucent, highly durable and grippy premium plastic with metallic substance mixed in it.


The Meta plastic is a beautiful, pearly and extremely durable blend. Compared to Neo and Lux plastics, the Meta plastic is slightly more stable. The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will make the disc change colors in any lighting condition when tilted at different angles, making it an even more unique experience.


Vapor plastic has strong color bursts and is combined with our Lux or Exo plastic depending on the special release.


Lumen plastic has glowing properties and it has been featured in some special releases in Exo plastic.


Extra soft exo plastic is even softer than the standard Soft Exo plastic. This gummy and extremely grippy plastic is a fantastic choice for putters and approach discs that you want to settle on the ground on approaches and stick to the chains when putting.



Active plastic is the base level plastic, available in all products. This solid plastic blend offers a great grip in all weather conditions. Wears gradually.


Active Soft plastic is a softer version of the standard active plastic. This is an especially great choice for colder and more wet conditions due to its fantastic grip. Active soft discs also are slightly more durable than the regular Active plastic.


Active Premium plastic is translucent and highly durable plastic. Active Premium discs are commonly notably more overstable than their Active plastic counterparts. Available in select Active line products.



The glow version of Active Premium plastic adds glowing properties to the disc on top of the highly durable regular Premium plastics perks.



A very special plastic blend designed especially for the ladies. The LadyLine discs are extremely flexy and grippy and endure collision very well. All LadyLine discs tend to feature a great glide that carries the disc forward even with very low speeds. All discs molded with LadyLine plastic come in pink color. You don't have to be a Lady to throw a LadyLine disc - these discs are also great for beginners!


Softer version of S-line. This was a test run, used only in MD1′s a some years ago. Currently discontinued, but still available in limited quantities.


Great feel and added glide. Easily one of the grippiest plastic type out there. Reveals new features in your disc when worn down. Typically a bit more understable plastic type compared to S- and C-line. Please note: P-line putters (P1 & P2) have their own blend of P-line plastic. The P-line P1 is features a soft & grippy blend of plastic, while the P-line P2 comes with very firm plastic blend that many Pro players prefer for their putters.


X-line is absolutely the best choice of plastic for wet and cold weather conditions. This plastic blend has a very organic feel and probably the best grip out of any plastic material.


The G-line is a modified version of our popular S-line version that provides great grip, durability and shock-absorbance. It's a flexy plastic blend with an unique look and added glide compared to the S-line plastic.


Blizzard C-line is a unique blend of our durable C-line material that employs microscopic air bubbles inside the rim of the disc, allowing the production of high speed drivers in very low weights. With lower weights you can gain more distance to your throw with less effort. The lighter the disc is, the more bubbles go inside the rim, so the very lightest of weights don't necessarily endure collision as well as higher weights.


The Luster C-line plastic is a fantastic twist on the normal C-line plastic. It has the exact same durability as C-line but packs a punch when it comes to the overall look of the disc. Luster C-line plastic is typically a little more opaque and if lucky, they can have some color bursts in the flight plate. The grip is the same but may change the flight characteristics of the disc depending on the mold.


The Shimmer S-line Plastic is a unique blend of normal s-line plastic and various metallic additives. This feature gives the disc more of a natural essence. It has a similar feel to the S-line plastic.

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