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Åland Disc Golf Collector Set

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Product image 1Åland Disc Golf Collector Set
Product image 2Åland Disc Golf Collector Set
Product image 3Åland Disc Golf Collector Set
Product image 4Åland Disc Golf Collector Set


Flight numbers

  • 2 Speed
  • 3 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 1 Fade

The picturesque archipelago of Åland, just outside the southwestern coast of Finland could very well be the hottest disc golf destination in the world. In early 2020 as the global Covid-19 pandemic was glooming over the tourism industry across the globe, the Ålanders made a bet with an outdoor sport that seems to be particularly safer to play during a pandemic than most other activities.

As you may already know, the sport in question was disc golf and there's now a total of 12 courses in the islands, with an additional 8 courses currently in the planning phase.

Åland's relatively moderate monetary investment towards disc golf has helped Åland's tourism flourish even during the pandemic. The well-publicized project has also made the region famous across the disc golfing world.

While the current state of disc golf in the islands is well-known, a lesser known fact is that disc golf arrived to Åland already in the 80’s, with first course being built in 1982. The guy behind all this back in the day was Lasse Hellsten, a Californian exchange student for the 1978-1979 semester. He was the man who brought disc golf with him to Åland islands.

The story of disc golf in Åland is a story of success. To celebrate this success, Åland's post office has created possibly the first ever disc golf -related postage stamp in the world, designed by Sanna Mander. Lasse Hellsten got the honor of being the person featured in artwork of the stamp.

With this product, we're celebrating Åland's success and offering you the opportunity to own this unique postage stamp, accompanied by a first day cover (FDC) with the release day postmark plus a P2 putter decorated with the same graphic stamp the postage stamp.

To recap, the set includes:

- Possibly the world's first disc golf postage stamp
- First Day Cover (FDC)
- Discmania Flex 2 D-line P2 with the same graphic as the postage stamp

It's worth noting that the postage stamp included in this set cannot be reused, as it has been stamped with the postage stamp on the FDC for collector delight. 

You can choose the weight, color and stamp color of the disc from the drop-down menu. The postage stamps & FDC's all come in the colors shown in the product pictures. The P2 comes in Flex 2 D-line plastic material. For more information about the P2 putter, see here.

Find out more about the Åland disc golf here!

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