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Ratana Meekham

Ratana Meekham

From: Boulder, Colorado
Born: 1992
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #101949
Joined Team Discmania: 2023

About Ratana:

Disc golf was introduced to me by family during the spring of 2017. Immediately after becoming hooked on the sport, all I wanted to do was play disc golf and develop my game. While working a full-time job and going to college, any free time I had was used to play disc golf. Traveling to events in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky sparked a competitive drive in me. Disc golf became an obsession and my goal was to pursue it as a career. After completing college in 2019 and putting in my two weeks notice at a job that I’ve worked at for 9+ years, the decision to pursue my own personal legend was born. During my journey playing the Disc Golf Pro Tour events in the summer and fall of 2021, a realization dawned that my game needed improvements in order to compete against the FPO division. While training in Colorado during 2022, the accuracy and consistency started to show. Finally, my game feels ready to compete at a higher level in the sport I love.

I strive to put full intent on growing the sport. When people need insight on anything disc golf related, I am open to teaching them. Communication about all areas of disc golf is something that I enjoy. When it becomes a topic of conversation, I will use it as an opportunity to promote and be an advocate for the sport. I love to teach and interact with new players so they can expand their own skillset. In the near future, I plan to do clinics within the community and continue to grow disc golf around the world.

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2020 Rocket City Blast
  • 2021 Rocket City Blast
  • 2022 Boulder County Disc Golf Championships
  • 2022 Wyoming Hall of Fame Championship

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  1. Hard Exo Logic

  2. C-Line P3X

  3. S-Line MD1

  4. Active Premium Astronaut

  5. Horizon DD1

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