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Active Premium Glow Shogun (Kyle Klein Medium Stamp)

Discmania Active

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Flight numbers

  • 2 Speed
  • 4 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 2 Fade

Grab the limited release of Premium Glow Shogun with a sweet Kyle Klein signature stamp!

Shogun the first ever beaded putter available in Active Line. Designed to withstand a good amount of power, this deep putter provides a comfortable ergonomic feel and reliable flight when thrown off the tee and for putt/approach. The Shogun will provide relatively straight flight patterns with very minimal low speed fade, allowing it to withstand moderate wind resistance with point-and-shoot accuracy. The Active plastic is the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch meaning the disc always feels comfortable and natural in the hand.

A portion of all discs sold goes directly to Kyle to support his efforts on tour

* All Glow Shoguns come in one color only (white glow)

Good for: Tee shots, approach shots, putting

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