Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte

PDGA #8332

Simon “The Wunderkind” Lizotte comes from Bremen, Germany. Born in a family of Disc Golfers, Simon has been throwing plastic since he was 2 years old. For years Simon dominated the German Disc Golf scene, bringing home victory after victory in the MPO division despite the fact that he would have still been able to play in Juniors.

More recently, Simon’s awesome Disc Golf skills have brought him success all-around Europe, as he is the Disc Golf European Champion from 2012 and the PDGA EuroTour winner from 2013. Simon currently competing in the US, with some great finishes under his belt from the PDGA National Tour events.

Simon is also well known for his huge arm. He is very likely to have the longest drive in the game at the moment and he also holds the unofficial record for the fastest throw ever recorded at 144km/h (89,5mph). He was the previous distance World Record before the current record holder David Wiggins Jr.

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