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Advanced 3-Pack Bundle w/ Mini


Need a good set to get started? The Discmania Advanced bundle has got you covered. Our newest 3-pack features a driver, putter, and midrange to suit your every day needs to get out there and start beating your competition. We have also included a free mini to help mark your disc during the round. Package includes:

Discmania C-Line TD: Perfect for fairway shots and long drives. This disc offers controllable distance for both backhand and forehand shots. The TD is easy to maneuver and is the perfect intro disc to any style of shot you want to execute

Discmania D-Line P1: The P1 is a great putter and is widely popular among Discmaniacs. This disc is great for putting, upshots, and a variety of trick shots that won't sail over the basket for you. We have found it to be a great introduction to the other putters we have to offer and provides you with the traditional "beadless" feel on the bottom of the putter. The P1 will fly straight and true, giving you the competitive edge when you need to develop proper putting and throwing skills.

Discmania S-Line MD2: A very versatile midrange. The MD2 is a very smooth flying disc that is comparable to our popular MD3. The two of these will pair nicely together and provide a good variety in your midrange lineup.

Pro tip** Packages come in assorted colors and weights.
C-Line TD: 165-173g
S-Line MD2: 170-180g
D-Line P1: 170-175g

Pro tip #2** Pay close attention to the weights listed on the discs as a guide for future purchases. All players are different and therefore need different weights on their discs. Lighter weights on discs, especially drivers, are helpful for players that still need to develop their skills on different shots. Max weight does not mean it will fly farther or you are more of an expert for using them. Find your magic weight for drivers, midranges, and putters and it will help you bring your game to the next level.


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Lots of grip even in wet conditions. The most affordable plastic in our line. Soft but firm feel – ideal for putters. Fine-tuneable flight characteristics thanks to gradual wear.


Great feel and added glide. Easily one of the grippiest plastic type out there. Reveals new features in your disc when worn down. Typically a bit more understable plastic type comparing to S- and C-line. Please note: P-line putters (P1 & P2) have their own blend of P-line plastic. The P-line P1 is features a soft & grippy blend of plastic, while the P-line P2 comes with very firm plastic blend that many Pro players prefer for their putters.


Our most durable plastic – these discs wear down very slowly. C-Line discs retain original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, the C-Line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Good grip and showstopper see-through look. Typically the most stable blend of plastic in our line.


Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability. This plastic ages well, which means that your disc doesn’t change drastically in it’s flight behaviour after a couple of collisions with trees. Recommended plastic for drivers.


X-line is absolutely the best choice of plastic for wet and cold weather conditions. This plastic blend has a very organic feel and probably the best grip out of any plastic material.


The G-line is an all-new plastic blend that will be available with selected models starting season 2014. It's a modified version of our popular S-line version that provides great grip, durability and shock-absorbance. It's a flexy plastic blend with an unique look and added glide compared to the S-line plastic.

Blizzard C-line

Blizzard C-line is an unique blend of our durable C-line material that employs microscopic air bubbles inside the rim of the disc, allowing the production of high speed drivers in very low weights. With lower weights you can gain more distance to your throw with less effort. The lighter the disc is, the more bubbles go inside the rim, so the very lightest of weights don't necessarily endure collision as well as higher weights. Discs under 139grams float in water.

Specialty plastics

Glow C-line

The Glow C-line discs come from a very durable blend of C-line plastic that glows in the dark. Currently only reserved for fundraising projects & specialty discs.

Metal Flake C-line

The Metal Flake C-line is normal C-line plastic with little metal flakes within the plastic. It may change the flight characteristics depending on the mold but the durability and feel are exactly the same. The metal flakes make plastic colors pop but still allows the plastic to be transparent.

Luster C-line

The Luster C-line plastic is a fantastic twist on the normal C-line plastic. It has the exact same durability as C-line but packs a punch when it comes to the overall look of the disc. Luster C-line plastic is typically a little more opaque and if lucky, they can have some color bursts in the flight plate. The grip is the same but may change the flight characteristics of the disc depending on the mold.

Shimmer S-line

The Shimmer S-line Plastic is a unique blend of normal s-line plastic and various metallic additives. This feature gives the disc more of an natural essence. It has a similar feel to the S-line plastic.

Swirl S-line

The Swirl S-line plastic is one of the most sought after plastic in Discmania’s line up. Swirl S-line plastic is a mix of colors usually displaying one of the majestic discs you have ever seen. When it comes to grip and durability, it has the same consistency as normal S-line plastic, but they are so much fun to show off to other players. Perfect for all players alike.



A very special plastic blend designed especially for the ladies. The LadyLine discs are extremely flexy and grippy and the endure collision very well. All LadyLine discs tend to feature a great glide that carries the disc forward even with very low speeds. All discs molded with LadyLine plastic come in pink color. You don't have to be a Lady to throw a LadyLine disc - these discs are also great for beginners!


Softer version of S-line. This was a test run, used only in MD1′s a some years ago. Currently discontinued, but still available in limited quantities.

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