I would drive 5000 miles and I would drive 5000 more!

The last two weeks have been truly amazing. After leaving Baton Rouge we went through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee to reach our next destination being Bowling Green, Kentucky. Over 700 amateurs competing in several devisions which I didn’t even know existed. It was great to see how well the tournament was run and just a pleasure to be a part of that event. Avery and I had a lot of fun caddying for our buddy James Thomas who put his camera aside to play a tournament for once. I was pretty impressed by some of the players and kind of wondered why they were playing amateur when they average 1000+ rounds our there.

The biggest difference between those guys and the top 25 players in the world is basically the putts inside the circle. I saw a crazy amount of missed 15-20 footers out there. This shows the importance of making those “most makes” to be able to compete in the pro divisions. I was part of the Big Gun event and got to throw against the winner of the contest. It was a blast and impressive throwing along side of those guys. I ended up winning my match with no problems though.

After these fun five days in Bowling Green Jamie left us, so it was only Avery and I for the first time on the road. We drove all the way to Charlotte, NC for a clinic which ended up being in really could and rainy conditions, so that was a tough one. But still every clinic is good times and players appreciate us coming out to grow the sport. Our next stop from there was Augusta, SC/GA to be a part of the 2014 collegiate championships.

This event just blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how professionally this tournament is being operated and the passion and effort that was put into it. It’s obviously really great to see things done right. Avery and I are having the time of our lives hanging out with all these college kids. I didn’t even know that disc golf is a college sport and how much talent there is out there. This tournament in my eyes could be the best I’ve seen when it comes to the spirit of the game. This will be an annual stop for sure!

We’ve reached the 5000 miles mark already and there will be many more to come. Next week we’ll be in Clearwater, FL to hang out with the one and only Ken Climo. I’ve always wanted to visit Florida and that trip will be awesome. Can’t wait to get there!