US Win – Check

Another great week has passed and there is nothing I would trade my life for at this point! The three days that we spent in Clearwater, FL were amazing and we finally got some decent warm weather. These rainy and windy days over the last couple of weeks has made it a little tough on us but I don’t really want to start to complain about anything. We had the honor to stay at Ken Climo’s place for two nights and meeting his awesome family was a pleasure and I can’t wait to be back. We also got the chance play a round with him on his newly designed course in Tampa, which he totally kicked my ass on. He’s still THE Champ.

I wish I could have stayed in Florida all week but work was calling, so we had to make our way back north to get to Atlanta, GA to do back to back clinics there. Atlanta was great and the two courses we played there I really enjoyed a lot. Perkerson and Oregon Park are fun courses that you should check out if you happen to visit the Atlanta area! From there we basically had a free weekend before our next clinic in Louisville, KY. Since we haven’t played a tournament in 4 weeks I looked up if there was any tournaments between Atlanta and Louisville. The Eagle Eye in Armuchee, GA open seemed to be the perfect solution for what we were looking for!

Unfortunately Avery had to step out of the event because his ankle was still bothering him, it wasn’t quite ready for a 3 1/2 round tournament yet. We had just perfect conditions on a beautiful Disc Golf Course private property. The course was well designed and I shot the course record during one of the rounds to win my first tournament in the states! I’ve noticed over all the practice rounds we play during the weeks that my game has become much more consistent. I felt by the scores that I shot that I was the best player on that course that weekend so there was no reason for me not to win.

I played solid golf and ended up winning by 7 strokes over Matt Dollar. It felt great to prove to myself, even though I didn’t play my best by any means, it still was good enough to dominate the field. That tournament was a great warm up for this upcoming weekend at the Glass Blown Open in Emporia, KC. We’re already in Louisville and we’ve got some nasty weather rolling in. So lets hope everyone and everything stays in one piece!

Eagle Eye Open, hole #8

Eagle Eye Open, hole #8