Japan Disc Golf Adventure

After only 6 days in my home town I had to pack up my stuff again to get to Tokyo, Japan for the 2014 Japan open! I arrived in Tokyo on friday morning and had till monday to check out downtown and some Japanese culture. The three nights in Tokyo where some pretty crazy and awesome nights and I am still amazed by so many things I’ve seen in Japan. The style, the food and the people in general are so unbelievably different than what I was used to. Japanese people are so nice and friendly that I am sure to live there some day. I would recommend anybody to check out Tokyo. Absolutely different world. Loved it.

Beautiful sight overlooking Tokyo! This is the biggest town I’ve ever seen.

On Monday the crew and I made our way to the Nasu Highlands, where the courses and our cottages were. It was my first “high-speed” train ride experience and I have to say, it’s pretty insane how fast those things go. It all looked like it would be a fantastic week for disc golf and it just seemed so unreal how nice everything was. Well, as if we haven’t had enough rain, wind and cold weather in big events yet, this tournament promised another tone of it. And if the weather forecast wasn’t bad enough, my health broke down and I knew that I was going to play this tournament in the rain and on drugs. Not really my favorite way to compete in a major.

The tournament went alright for me. Even though it felt like I threw O.B. on every second shot I somehow could keep up with the other scores. I didn’t feel great and also didn’t play well at all. All I really wanted to do was to finish the tournament and get to bed to rest for a couple of days. I finished in 6th place. A place where I think it’s not great but also not a bad finish. The Japan Open still was an unbelievable experience on two very ordinary and beautiful courses. I hope to be stronger next time!

The Nasu Highlands course was amazing. I used a lot of lightweight C-PD's and Blizzard Bosses.

The Nasu Highlands course was amazing. I used a lot of lightweight C-PD’s and Blizzard Bosses.

I want to thank all the staff who made this event what it was. It was crazy how many people in orange shirts (STAFF shirts) were running around to make things happen. The food was also incredible. Thanks again to Discmania for giving me the opportunity to travel the world and throw frisbees for a living. Japan will stay in memory for a long time and I can’t wait to get back to explore more of downtown Tokyo. Stay tuned for the upcoming Deep in the game tour through Finland, Sweden and Iceland! I’m currently back in Germany after a Deep in the Game Tour in Central Europe. Now I will take a little break. See in you in the European Masters in Stockholm, Sweden!

Discmania mobile is ready for the road! Great two weeks with AJ and Greg threw Czech Republic, Austria and Germany!

Discmania mobile is ready for the road! Great two weeks with AJ and Greg thru Czech Republic, Austria and Germany!