Deep In The Game Hits Iceland

About four weeks ago Greg Marter, very good friend and Discmania Germany manager, called me and said: “It’s official, we’re going to Iceland.” I would never have guessed where disc golf will bring me. Avery, Greg and I were flying to Iceland to check out some of Iceland’s courses, natural beauties and to host a couple Deep In The Game clinics. First off I want to thank and give a huge shout out to every single Icelandic player we’ve got the chance to meet. It was our pleasure to visit you guys and you have treated us perfectly.

We stayed in Reykjavik for 6 nights and it felt like about 12 days since every day has
about 21 hours of light, which we pretty much took advantage of. We had a very healthy
mixture of playing, teaching, sightseeing, free time and last and kind of least, sleep.
Unfortunately for us the weather wasn’t as great as the pictures look like when you google “Iceland”. Anyways, it was really cool to get the chance to visit a new country and see some disc golf action over there.