I am a professional touring Disc Golf player since 2012, after I finished school in my home town Bremen, Germany. Besides being the reigning European champion and five time German champion, I hold the title in the fastest recorded backhand throw. I have been playing Disc Golf since I can remember and started competing in tournaments at the age of 11 in 2004. Disc Golf is my full time job at the moment and apart from playing tournaments I teach Disc Golf alongside Disc Golf world champion Avery Jenkins.

I’ve always been involved in sports and Disc Golf has been my favorite ever since. What really got me hooked was me becoming very good at it. I enjoy being outside and challenging myself on the course. I love the fact that there always is room to improve and the idea of being a world champion one day is what gives me the thrill I’m looking for in a sport. The spirit of Disc Golf is one of the greatest things about it and the variety of people and places to go is what keeps me going and motivated. Disc Golf is my life right now and I love every moment of it.

The reason I am able to live the life of a professional Disc Golfer is my relationship to my sponsor Discmania. We started working together in 2013 and I could not ask for a greater support from them. I believe that our team spirit is awesome and we benefit from one another. In addition to that Discmanias products are very high quality and suit my style and game perfectly. In my opinion professionalism is the key to success and Discmania is doing an outstanding job on promoting and alleviating the sport of Disc Golf.