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Discmania Store Top 10 Discs of 2017

It is that time of year again — snow, taking your Christmas lights down, mystery boxes, making or breaking resolutions and…”Top 10 of 2017” lists. At Discmania we...

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Discmania Expands and Adds More Staff

As our recent Year of the Shield article stated, we've just started to handle all Discmania® distribution in North America. The fact that Discmania expands also means ...

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Bootcamp training in Switzerland underway for Lizotte, McMahon

Happy new year! Everyone is patiently waiting for the 2018 season to kick off. We’re all looking forward to following the action on the courses again, or in our case, b...

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Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa Announces The Year of the Shield

Year 2017 is behind us and what a year it was at Discmania! We are a fairly young disc golf brand, born in 2006. Our mission is to provide the best disc golf equipment to...

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Discmania Combine Tour 2017 Winners

The time has come to unveil our 2017 Discmania Combine Tour winners! Dreamers from all over the world entered the Combine and now, we are ready to welcome five new member...

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Understable – Disc Golf Comic

Your weekly disc golf laugh.

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