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New Signature Series: Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

There is a story to be told. It dates back to 2013 when Simon Lizotte signed with Team Discmania. Simon and Discmania CEO, Jussi Meresmaa, sat down to decide what design ...

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Flat, stable & beaded – Introducing the P3x

The Discmania P3x is a driving putter with a capital D! Excellent choice also for those who don’t normally feel comfortable using putters in drives and approaches. ...

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Andreas Gertsch Joins Team Discmania

One of the household names in European disc golf, Andreas Gertsch of Switzerland, joins Team Discmania. Discmania management and Andreas had a chance to get to know each ...

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4 the Wind! The Super Flat C-line MD4

The much anticipated C-line MD4 stock release is finally upon us. Let's just say it was worth the wait. This disc is the overstable brother of the popular MD3 midrange. I...

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The Smooth Operator – S-line TDx is now available!

The Discmania TDx was first released as a limited fundraiser for the Disc Golf World Tour as the Presidents Cup Swirly S-line edition. Now it's time to release it for eve...

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Simon’s Blog

Simon “The Wunderkind” Lizotte comes from Bremen, Germany. Born in a family of Disc Golfers, Simon has been throwing plastic since he was 2 years old. Now he is trave

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