Discmania Originals

Discmania Originals is the heritage line of Discmania’s disc golf brand. Since 2006, Discmania has offered quality products to disc golfers around the world who want to reinvent their game.

Discmania Originals discs has timeless designs from the inventor’s of the modern golf disc. Discs are designed by Dave Dunipace, who made his first designs almost 40 years ago. Those design principles lead the way golf discs are designed even until today.

From Discmania Originals, disc golfers of all levels will find suitable products with over 20 models and five different plastic variations.

Upcoming Products

Discmania FD2 (retooled)
(Fairway Driver)
Weight range: 165-175g
Plastic: C-line
Colors: Various colors
Estimated Release: July, 2019
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