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Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are back for a limited time! Treat yourself to a surprise and grab yourself a box!

This time around we offer a total of 3 different editions of the Mystery Box, each with at least 2 options. The Mystery Boxes are available until June 15th (or while supplies last). The first edition boxes become available on June 1st, 2nd edition on June 6th and 3rd edition on June 11th.

150% Value in each box
We do not want to let our customers down, so we assure that the content of each Mystery Box is worth at least 1.5 times the purchasing price. Since we offer different sized boxes, you can be sure that whichever size you like best will always offer an equal amount of value.

In addition to the specialty releases specified on each box product, all boxes contain a mix of stock stamped and specialty stamped Discmania discs. 

Each Mystery Box edition utilizes a featured disc in each one. With every new edition comes a different unique disc that is exclusive to those boxes. You can be sure that all featured discs are a must-have for all Discmaniacs and you won't want to miss out when each new edition launches.

Please note 1: The Mystery Boxes are pre-assembled and we can not promise to deliver specific weights or colors based on customer requests. You are free to ask for specifics, but we cannot promise those requests will be fulfilled.

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