Andrei Betea

Country: Germany
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #8316
About Andrei
I’m the youngest winner of the German Disc Golf Championships in the Open division with only 15 years of age. After a long break I started playing disc golf again. After one year of training(2015) I became as one of the best players in Germany. My goal is to reach a 1k+ rating and motivate other people by giving them disc golf lessons and clinics.

Colten Montgomery

Country: USA
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #35876
About Colten:

I was born in 1994 and first got addicted to disc golf in 2007. I was introduced to the sport by my brother Austin, who currently lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California and works for Discmania. In 2008, I attended my first PDGA event. Ever since then, I have been playing tournaments seriously. In 2012, I started playing in the Professional division but didn’t get my first cash until 2014, after I achieved my goal of being the United States Amateur National Champion.

Jessika Edvardsson

Country: Sweden
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #46881
About Jessika

I’m a girl that always has a smile on my face. I’m from a small town on the western side of Sweden called Alingsås but currently I reside in Stockholm. I started to play the great sport of disc golf 6 years ago and I just fell in love. From that day on I’ve played almost every day. Looking back to when I started playing, I realize that Disc Golf has driven many big changes in my life and I’m happy it has. Today disc golf is a huge part of my life and I love it more and more.

Juho Vähätalo

Country: Finland
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #45174
About Juho
I am 18-year-old discgolfer from Nokia, Finland. I’ve played disc golf since 06/2009. Disc golf has been a big part of my life for last four years. I love the spirit of the game and all the experiences it offers to me.

Mikael Birkelund

Country: Denmark
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #31303
About Mikael
I’ve been playing since 1997, but started my disc sport journey by playing a lot of Ultimate. For a few years I played both sports, and participated in national and European tournaments. I’ve been deeply engaged in developing and organizing disc sports in Denmark, and I was one of the first to import and distribute discs to the Danish market. I love to teach and help players improve both their technical skills and their mental game. I won the Berlin Open in 2006, and I am currently among top five players in Denmark.

Nathan Perkins

Country: USA
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #65737
About Nathan:

I am 23 years of age from Fort Worth Texas. I currently reside in Austin where I am a full time student at the University of Texas. My father first took me to play night golf in the late 90’s at a small technical 9-hole course where I immediately became hooked on the adventure known as disc golf. The defining moment did not come until over a decade later when I witnessed Simon, Ricky, and Paul mashing drives into the insane winds of the 2014 Texas State Disc Golf Championship. The connection between the childhood game I once loved and the high skill of these top athletes was made. I signed up for the PDGA and can’t seem to look forward to anything but the next tournament and one day competing along side the very best of this incredible sport!

Niko Rättyä

Country: Finland
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #52488
About Niko

I’m a 18-yo discgolfer from Ylivieska, northern Finland. I started playing disc golf in 2009, when i was on 5th  grade in elementary school. Pretty fast after that i started competing in some local competitions, with good results. My biggest achievement is silver medal in the 2014 European Championships in U19 division. For upcoming season, I’m looking to practice hard and succeed by doing so. 

Thunder Schultz

Country: USA
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #56061
About Thunder:

I’m 16 yrs old and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I played my first tournament in the junior division at the age of 11. After turning 15, I played my first  tournament in the open division. I love disc golf because I enjoy trying to be the best I can, and disc golf is perfect for that. I like attending tournaments, practicing and improving whenever I can. I also appreciate the focus it takes to be competitive.