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Discmania Mobile and Desktop Wallpapers Part One: USDGC Edition

Disc Life

Discmaniacs around the world have been asking for high quality background wallpaper for their computers or phones. It's a common request and we're finally getting started.

These free wallpapers are all in HD quality and should be crisp and sharp on any screen. Maybe you've picked up a new iPhone XS or have your eye on a new Google Pixel 3. These are perfect for you.

You might encounter cropping from the long edge, depending on your screen dimensions, but the images have been selected and designed to have the main content in the center.

Pick your favorites from the bunch and show them off. We also included some are black-and-white images for the minimalists among us, some have vivid colors. We hope you find your preferred style below.


1. Click on the thumbnail to open the full HD image.
2. Save that image into your mobile device or computer OR take a full screenshot.
3. From your device's preferences, select "Change background/wallpaper" and select your recently downloaded image or screenshot.
4. Enjoy.

USDGC & Discmania Sky Team

For Mobile (2160x3840)

 USDGC McMahon color mobile USDGC Lizotte bw mobile USDGC Lizotte color mobile

For Desktop (4096x2304)

USDGC McMahon bw desktop USDGC McMahon color desktopUSDGC Lizotte bw desktopUSDGC Lizotte color desktop

Simple Discmania Graphics

For Mobile (2160x3840)

Discmania Swords & Chain mobile Discmania Bar pattern mobile Discmania Golden Bar mobile Discmania Golden Shield mobile

For Desktop (4096x2304)

Discmania Swords & Chain desktopDiscmania Bar pattern desktopDiscmania Golden Bar desktop Discmania Golden Shield desktop

That's all for now! Stay tuned for part 2.

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