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How to Throw a Disc Golf Sidearm

The sidearm (or forehand) is a natural throwing motion used in a variety of other sports and it's one of the most effective throwing techniques that can completely revolu...

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Teenage Mikael Räsänen Takes RE/MAX Open Title

Disc golf is one sport that age does not matter when it comes to success. We've seen top pros break into the scene and remain there for 15-20 years while competing along ...

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Watch our Weekly Live Show ‘the Shield’

With so much going on every week at Discmania, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the news, new releases, upcoming plans, player interviews, and more....

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Juho Vähätalo: Diverse Forms of Disc Golf

Team Discmania’s Juho Vähätalo is another disc golfer with a bright future ahead of him. Just 22 years old, Vähätalo is balancing disc golf with an education to set...

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A New DiscGolfPark® Website

There is no off season in the course creation game. This is a year-round business that has course projects starting and finishing every month of the year. This winter, we...

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Understable – Disc Golf Comic

Your weekly disc golf laugh.

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