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The Nordic Phenom Joins Discmania Sky Team!

We are proud to welcome Niklas Anttila to Discmania’s Sky Team! Our new four year agreement with Niklas marks the mo...

Alden Harris Joins Team Discmania!

Welcome to Team Discmania, Alden Harris! We are proud to announce we have inked a two year contract with Alden. With...

Gannon Buhr Joins Team Discmania!

The future of disc golf is here! As we continue to Reinvent in the ever changing professional disc golf landscape, w...

Vault Release Incoming - Be Ready!

By now the news of Eagle McMahon leaving Team Discmania has probably reached you. While this transition is difficult,...

Farewell Eagle

It is with heavy hearts we must announce the departure of Eagle McMahon from Team Discmania. First and foremost, we w...

2023 U.S. Holiday Break!

It's that time of the year again to close our doors for a brief period and rewind our clocks for a short while. Disc...

Black Edition Legends of the Lost Stones Mystery Box: What to Expect

The second and final chapter of Legend of the Lost Stones is here! Black Edition Mystery Boxes bring all new Lost Sto...

Discmania Combine: Vancouver, BC Results!

The Discmania Combine goes north of the border to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada in only our 2nd combine event o...

Legends of the Lost Stones: Manianite Challenge!

New precious Lost Stone material discovered - Manianite! Be the first in either the US or Europe to collect all 14 Lo...

The Legend of the Lost Stones Mystery Box: What to Expect

Discmania Mystery Box Season is back better than ever with new molds, plastic combinations, an interactive story and...

Legend of the Lost Stones Treasure Hunt!

Dallas Jr. uncovered new clues leading to gems hidden across the world! Will you be the one to find them? Searching t...


Discmania proudly presents a new Mystery filled with adventure, intrigue, and never before seen gems!
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