Five Reasons You Need a Discmania Mystery Box

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The annual Discmania Mystery Box started as a European-exclusive release in 2012 before being released worldwide a few years later. With two different levels to pick from, one thing is certain, a box of unknown Discmania goodies await you. Now, you might think that making a blind purchase like this isn't wise, but rest assured, we have you covered.

Value Outweighs Price

The value of each Discmania Mystery Box is at least 150% what you pay for it. Just think, the last time you purchased $50 of disc golf gear, you had exactly $50 worth of disc golf gear. You might have had your eye on a Discmania C-Line MD4 or maybe even a Discmania DDx that you haven't thrown yet. There is always a chance you pick one of those up in your mystery box for a lower price than you would off the shelf.

Special Stamps, Early Releases, Hard to Find Discs

It's safe to say that we're very organized in the warehouse, but from time to time we unearth a box of untouched plastic that you'd love to see. From something as rare as a first-run Discmania PD or second-run Discmania FD to some signature stamps aren't common for us to stumble upon. We know you have a few favorites from years past and we'd love to give you that backup you've desired.


Like the great Bob Ross once said "We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents." When stamping discs, we get one from time to time that doesn't quite work out. For example, what started as one mini Huk Lab stamp turned into a set of three mini Huk Lab stamps. Keep your eye out for that hidden "Team Discmania" stamp under a few other layers too!

Perfect Gift For Any Disc Golfer

If you ever try and find a gift for a disc golfer, you know it can be hard. Everyone has their own unique taste for what they want to throw. The Discmania Mystery Box takes that second guessing out of picture. We feel confident everyone will be pleased.

Plus, if you're the one who is hard to buy for, be sure to pass the link along to your friends and family with that little wink and a nudge.

Where have you been all my life?

We all have our favorite go-to discs in our bag. You might have your favorite Discmania MD3, FD, and PD2 that you pull out all the time. Have you tried those discs in other plastics though? What about different weights? The Discmania Mystery Box offers the chance to do just that.

It's easy to fall in love with your max-weight C-Line FD, but you might find the joy in a D-Line FD.

You also might tend to think that you always need max-weight discs. Then you open your Mystery Box and find a 165g PD. You give it a throw. You love what you see. You never remove that disc from your bag again.

Don't shy away from other plastic and weight combinations. It might be exactly what you need to reinvent your game.

Pay it Forward

At some point in your life, someone showed you disc golf. You're now hooked. You can't get enough. The Discmania Mystery Box is your chance to continue to pay it forward. We hope that you love everything that comes in your Discmania Mystery Box, but if you did receive something that you don't need, hang onto it. Keep it with your disc golf gear and when a friend wants to play for the first time, or you see some kids checking out the sport. Those extra discs are perfect to pass along. The disc golf karma will come back to reward you.

Purchase your Discmania Mystery Box

Discmania Mystery Boxes are only available for a limited time once they are released. These Mystery Boxes are available until June 15th 2018 (or while supplies last).

InnovaStore's Mystery Boxes may include also Innova discs and they are available in Finland and the rest of Europe.

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