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Mission Stratosphere: Crew Log

Discmania strives to make disc golf a truly global sport. Completing that mission requires the intense passion that runs in our DNA. Passion that pushes us to do what no one else will…

Discmania tasked Stratosphere’s Flight Leader with executing our most ambitious mission ever. A mission he can not complete alone. He must first prepare the most brilliant minds for a Herculean task. This Crew Log updates daily as all crew members are onboarded over the next 6 days.

What is Discmania Stratosphere, you might ask. It's something unprecedented and ambitious. An adventure of epic proportions. That's all we can reveal right now. Full mission details revealed November 24th during a special Mystery Box Live Show!




Teemu serves as Mission Stratosphere Flight Leader, which means leading an expert team to complete Mission Stratosphere. Teemu oversees Stratosphere with cold-blooded professionalism in the beautiful but ruthless Lapland outbacks.

Teemu has a decorated history in both disc golf and mission leadership. Despite his incredible talent for leadership, he can be forgetful… Tune in for the Discmania Mystery Box Live Show to see if his crew can help him complete the mission!



Every crew needs a hard-boiled operation controller to keep things in place. Crosscheck is the Mission Stratosphere Flight Controller. She works in the Stratosphere Control Room overviewing the mission from a safe distance and making sure the circumstances are ideal for the mission’s success. 


Having a long history working with Teemu, Crosscheck has been put into hard situations in the past needing to solve many last-minute hassles - this time will be no exception. Tune in on November 24th for the Discmania Mystery Box Live Show and find out, will she be able to once again save the day!



Despite his young age, Archie is a super-talented and trustworthy Flight Engineer. Archie has an undisputed track record in the world of space technology and he will bring his expertise to the Mission Stratosphere.


This time, the challenge is not easy and he will need to concentrate all his abilities to pull this one off. As the wingman for Flight Leader Teemu, Archie will find himself in a tricky situation that is about to risk the whole mission. Tune in on November 24th for the Discmania Mystery Box Live Show and find out, what’s it all about!



Richie is a maverick, at home in explosive action. As the Discmania Pilot, Richie will accomplish special operations all over the planet. Nobody knows too much about her past but the word is she’s been an army pilot for special forces.



Sometimes things get overheated even in the most professional atmosphere. When that happens, every crew needs a person who will balance the energy by just being there. Tilt is that guy.

As a Flight Assistant, Tilt analyzes GPS-tracking data for the Mission Stratosphere. Among this main duty, he will point out things no one else will. What is it this time? Tune in on November 24th for the Discmania Mystery Box Live Show and find out!



Claw knows all the C’s: computers, coding, and Coca-Cola. She’s responsible for data analysis in the Discmania Flight Control Room. Claw is a rare combination of ultimate skill and compassion.

For Mission Stratosphere Claw takes care of numeric measurements and analyzes data. Crosscheck is lucky to have her, since she’ll be able to point out something crucial… What is it? Tune in on November 24th for the Discmania Mystery Box Live Show and find out!

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