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Royal Rage 2 & Soft Exo Logic Release Info

The Royal Rage 2 + Soft Exo Logic release day is upon us. Based on a large amount of feedback via social media and email with recent releases, we decided it was best to disable the shopping cart system for the time being. This will be effective immediately beginning with this release. Going forward, you can expect the following changes to what you've seen in the past.

No more reserve cart

We will continue to explore every option possible to implement an airtight shopping cart system but are unwilling to continue to implement something that people are unhappy with. For this reason, we unfortunately need to disable the reserve cart for our June 9th release and all other upcoming releases until further notice. This means that products in your cart are not reserved for you during the drop. The best and only way to secure the items in your cart is by swiftly heading to checkout, filling all the necessary information and completing the purchase process by taking all the steps required for a successful payment for your order. The reservation for your products is created when and only when you've gone through the payment process and you return back to the store. If at this point you see an order confirmation page, you have placed your order successfully. If not, you unfortunately were not fast enough and your card will not be charged.

How to prepare for a quick-fire release

To maximize your chances in placing an order for the items you like successfully, we recommend going through at least the following steps:

  • Log in to your account and make sure you have all the necessary information ready
  • Have your payment card ready and make sure you have sufficient balance on it
  • Fill your cart in advance with any non-release items you wish to order besides the new items
  • Please bear in mind that as the cart doesn't create a reservation, it's possible that also the non-release items sell out during the release, so be prepared for that as well

Purchase limits

Royal Rage 2: Max 1 per customer

Soft Exo Logic: Max 2 per customer

Primal Run Soft Exo Logic: Max 1 per customer

As said, the purchase limits are per customer (not per order), and we will enforce these limits by cancelling orders from customer that place multiple orders. This is an effort to get as many discs out there as possible, so please do not try to circumvent these limits with any kind of funny business. Any of these products listed above can be combined with others but keep in mind, adding many different things may open the door to missing out on a purchase by trying to snag too many, even if they are within the purchase limits.

Processing time & combining orders

We are expecting another very busy release and as our resources are limited, we unfortunately are not able to combine shipment on orders, if you choose to place multiples for separate items. Order processing time is expected to be around 4-5 business days from the release date, meaning some orders will be shipped the next day, but for some it will take longer. Please be prepared for this as well.

We are well aware that drop days can be quite stressful for customers and we understand all feedback sent our way. If you're looking to grab some of these new items, please make sure you're prepared. Good luck!

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