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Simon Lizotte triumphs, fueled by #DadPower

“Twice or it’s luck”

What does it take to win back to back majors? According to Simon, luck has something to do with winning one. A favorable kick off a tree, a skip on wet grass, chains swinging just right to catch a strong putt, wind gusting one second and not the other. How much these good breaks factored into Simon’s win at OTB Open we may never know. But to win big twice, in his words - “Not luck.”

Simon “The Wunderkind” Lizotte

For many of us, it feels like just yesterday a 13 year old Simon Lizotte showed up to tournaments across Germany. Taking no prisoners crushing huge drives and battling his way to victory after victory in the Junior division, “The Wunderkind” seemed to blow minds and drop jaws at every event he played. In 2007, a 15 year old Simon breaks out into the Open field, netting himself six top three PDGA finishes and a third place finish at European Championship in the Junior division. Armed with a passion for the sport, countless hours of throwing, and the joy of an ace run - Simon earns a spot on Team Discmania in 2013.

The Human Highlight Reel

2008 - Simon uploads his first video to his YouTube channel. Little did any of us know, this simple video of him throwing a C-Line MD2 into a basket at Ralph M. Lewis Park would foreshadow Simon’s truly unique place in the disc golf world. He continues to tour relentlessly, proving to be the most entertaining player on tour and online. Smashing aces on his YouTube, bombing unconventional tee shots, and constantly putting on a show for galleries across the globe - Simon became a superstar right before our eyes. “The Wunderkind” had transformed into something else. “The Human Highlight Reel.”


Flash forward a dozen years full of broken distance records, major tournament wins, countless insane Simon lines, hundreds of aces, and we find ourselves in 2020. Simon struggles with an elbow injury, but uses his time off tour to build his YouTube channel. Regular vlogs, trick shots, video collabs.. Simon proves he is a force to be reckoned with on and off the course. Though, once he returned to tour, this was not enough for him. He needed to prove he was still one of the best in the world.

Dad Mode Activated

February 7th, 2022 the disc golf world rejoices. Emmett Peter Lizotte, son of Simon, PDGA #201871, is born.


Simon finds himself more motivated than ever to prove himself on the course. Throwing 200 to 400 putts every night in his basement, exploring new mental game strategies, resisting old temptations to make every shot a highlight - he comes to OTB Open prepared to compete not just for himself, but for his son too.

Many say becoming a parent changes you. That raising a child just makes the human mind more empathetic, patient, and in the moment. The truth of that sentiment showed in the way Simon played. He was focused, yet relaxed. Executing smart game plans on each hole, and lighting up the putting green (even sporting a new push “Dad Putt” as coined by Philo Brathwaite). In Simon’s words, “everything just felt under control.. I don’t know how to explain it, it was just all lining up.” All this led to him taking down the tournament with a two stroke lead. But that wasn’t enough.

Simon texts Discmania Director of Operations, Austin Montgomery, right after his OTB Open win, “Now I have to back it up.” He would get his chance a week later at Portland Open.

Portland Open - every shot, Simon draws himself into the moment. Remembering his game plan to keep it simple off the tee and trust in his countless hours of putting at home. He gives himself another 2 stroke lead going into the final round. He remains focused despite the roar of the crowd, the temptation to play outside the game plan, and nerves telling him to panic. Despite what could have been a fate sealing OB stroke of the 18th tee, he clutches up, and takes home the trophy! Back to back major wins - a feat accomplished by a select few, including teammate Eagle McMahon. We’ll let Eagle’s words speak for all of us..

“Back to back Pro Tour events - OTB and Portland Open, that is absolutely epic! Let’s go, good job Simon!” - Eagle McMahon

It’s been a long, epic journey for Simon and we are honored to bear witness to it. From Wunderkind, to Highlight Reel, to proud father, to Back to Back Champion who knows where Simon’s journey will take him next. But we’ll be here for it, cheering on one of the best this sport has ever seen.

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