Neo Paradigm: February 15

Triumph Series

Discmania Triumph Series releases are dedicated to honour the accomplishments of Team Discmania players. Each release comes in limited quantity and the player in question gets portion of the sales.

Release schedule:

Monday, Oct 15th at 09:00 AM PDT
- Grady Shue Triumph Series Swirl S-line PD (PDGA Rookie of the year)

Tuesday, Oct 16th at 09:00 AM PDT
- Eagle McMahon Triumph Series Glow P-line P2 (Konopiste Open Champion)

Wednesday, Oct 17th at 09:00 AM PDT
- Leo Piironen Triumph Series D-line P2 (3x Finnish Champion)

Thursday, Oct 18th at 09:00 AM PDT
- Simon Lizotte Triumph Series Swirl S-line FD3 (2x European Champion)

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