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Trick Shot Challenge

Take part to #lizottechallenge and win cool Trick Shot Prizes!
Simon is hosting a weekly trick shot challenge where everyone can submit their trick shot videos.
Rules are simple:
✅ Make a cool trick shot video
✅ Post it to Instagram
✅ Use #lizottechallenge

Simon will choose his favorite weekly trick shot on Mondays, so you'll have time to make yours by Sunday midnight US Pacific Time. Good luck and be creative!

Weekly winner will get a Trick Shot Challenge 5-disc bundle signed by Simon himself!


Epic Disc Golf Trick Shots with Simon Lizotte take trick shots to a level never seen before.

Professional disc golfer from Bremen, Germany, Lizotte is a member of Team Discmania. He has one of the longest drives in the sport and holes the unofficial record for the fastest frisbee throw ever recorded (144 km/h, 89.5 mph).
We took what was previously unthinkable and made them a reality.

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