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Yearly inventory


Heads up! Discmania USA will be undergoing it's annual inventory of all items within our warehouse. In order to make sure our numbers are the best they can be, all outstanding orders will be put on hold until the process is complete.  Our inventory is expected to take place from Thursday January 19 until Wednesday February 1.

**If you've already placed an order with us, don't worry, we'll make sure that it's out the door and on the way to you before we begin.

Any Doom Bird orders are still not going to ship, despite rumors about. As advertised, March is the current expected target for those to begin shipping. We'll update everyone with a more exact deadline once more info is available.

We will cut off orders beginning (Wednesday January 18 at midnight MDT).

Anyone is welcome to place an order for anything they like during the period of 1/19-2/1 but please be aware that your order will not ship until or after that time. Shipping selections chosen will not effect the ability to leave the building earlier than advertised.

Thank you all for your extended patience while we get everything in tip top shape for the year and will make sure we're ready to serve you better than ever!

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