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Active Soft 3-Disc Box Set

Discmania Active

Product image 1Active Soft 3-Disc Box Set
Product image 2Active Soft 3-Disc Box Set
Product image 3Active Soft 3-Disc Box Set
Product image 4Active Soft 3-Disc Box Set
Product image 5Active Soft 3-Disc Box Set

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Looking for something to get you started in disc golf? This set has all of the essentials! A great gift idea for a new player or anyone interested in trying disc golf!

Discmania's Active line consists of products designed to offer an easy entry to the world of disc golf for beginners. Despite the beginner friendly price point and design, these discs have a lot to offer for all skill levels.

This set includes a putter, a midrange disc and a driver, all designed for wide variety of skill levels starting from beginners.

Set contains (1)

  • Sensei - putter
  • Tailor - mid-range
  • Genius - fairway driver

** All sets come in 150-159g weight range

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    good beginner set, putter glides well, mid range and driver have a little higher fade but still good for the money

    Steven Ocean
    I love the Maestro but the quality of these discs are not great

    As a beginner set it should be made out of something that can take a beating because of how much abuse these will take and then are made out of the softest most destroyable material ever. They fly find but I hit one tree and the disc basically buckled. everything these touch anything they leave a piece of themselves behind.

    As a beginner set I would not recommend these if you are looking for something that will last more than about a month.
    the sensei flies good
    maestro is amazing
    the magician im not sure this is very beginner friendly. the one I have no matter how I throw it just dives to the ground. I thought it was me but I have other drivers and fairway drivers that fly how I want but this one just dives to the ground as fast as possible.

    Sorry for the low review but I think it will help beginners and also the production of something better for beginners

    Nathan Gogel
    Great beginner set and price

    This set was great for my family of disc golfer. I liked the Sensi, daughter likes the Maestro and wife likes the Magician. Plastic has a great feel.

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