Discmania Combine

Run by Avery Jenkins, the Discmania Combine Tour is your chance to get on Team Discmania! You will
compete in a series of skilled events from putting, approaching, driving and a round of disc golf, with
the top players earning the most points throughout the event a chance to claim a position on the Team
Discmania roster.

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Discmania Flying Circus

The Discmania Flying Circus Tour revolves around Simon Lizotte, one of the fastest arms in disc golf. The
events include driving clinics, distance showcases and much more - you might even witness some trick
shot magic.

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Deep in the game tour

Since 2013 Avery Jenkins and Discmania have organized tours of instructional clinics in selected
locations around the world. The tour concept has been built around the Deep in the Game theme and
provides in-depth instructions for those who are lucky enough to take part.

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