Discmania Mystery Box - Winter Edition

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The Discmania Mystery Box has become a worldwide disc golf hit that gets just a little better each and every time it is released. From limited edition stamps, limited releases, and at times, an unreleased disc that has yet to go on sale, the Discmania Mystery Box has something for everyone.

If this is your first time looking into a Discmania Mystery Box or you are back for more, there is something for you. 

Three Editions, Two Levels

This time around there will be three editions to the Mystery Box. Each edition will have a slightly different feel from the others, but all have great value. In addition to the variety, you can also pick from a small or large version.

Regardless of the size, the box comes with a 150% value of the retail price. This is a sure-fire purchase for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Time… Starts… Now!

The first edition of this winter’s Discmania Mystery Box will go on sale Friday, November 30 at 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern Time exclusively on the Discmania Store.

Soon after the second edition will be released and the third edition, both expected to sellout.

Discmania Mystery Boxes are available until December 22 or while supplies last. Each edition has a limited number to be released so if you are interested, act quickly.

The Perfect Gift

As we enter the holiday season, the Discmania Mystery Box is a perfect gift for any disc golfer. That friend that is hard to buy for? Discmania Mystery Box. Family member who wants to start to play disc golf? Discmania Mystery Box. That disc golfer who happens to be you? You guessed it. Treat. Yo. Self. Discmania Mystery Box.


Available All Across the World

One great thing about our Mystery Boxes is that you can get one delivered to your door (or local pick point) practically anywhere in the world.

For people within the EU, the best (and cheapest, in terms of delivery fees) way to get is to place an order for through InnovaStore. For all other locations, the Discmania Store USA is here to serve you!

Share the Secrets

Once your Discmania Mystery Box has arrived, be sure to share some photos of your haul and use the hashtag #DiscmaniaMysteryBox. We’re very excited about this year’s Mystery Boxes and can’t wait to see what you think.

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