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Mystery Box

Black Edition Mystery Box

5 stars200+ reviews
***SOLD OUT!*** Many of you have heard rumors about a brand new Discmania disc hitting the market in 2020. Well, if that rumor is indeed true, (hint: it is), then here's your chance to get your hands on Eagle McMahon's Signature Series Evolution Tactic before it hits the market this Spring!

Each of these Black Edition boxes feature ONE brand new unreleased Razor Claw Tactic along with 4-5 other sweet Discmania discs.

$59 per box

Some of our Customer Reviews

5 stars

Seriously. Premium plastic. Great artwork. Best variety. New releases. The best mystery box of any of the major disc manufacturers. Ryan from USA

5 stars

This was our third purchase of the mystery boxes and they never disappoint! A great set of discs with some crazy awesome one of a kind stamps! Robert from New Zealand

5 stars

One of the best things in life is a good surprise. And believe me. There is plenty of surprise when ordering a mystery box from Discmania. its insane how fun it is to find all of the goodies that the team members at Discmania store worked so hard to prepare. It’s an experience unlike any other. Thanks guys. Mike from USA

Great value in each box

We know that saving money is no mystery after all. That’s why we want to give you the best possible value for your purchase. Each Mystery Box contains at least 150% total value of retail and specialty prices, meaning you get an extra 50% absolutely FREE!

Large boxes will contain at least $150 worth of plastic, and $90 worth of plastic for the small ones.

The Mystery Boxes only contain throwable and un-used discs. Misprint / X-out discs may be included. The boxes are put together from a vast selection of different types of discs and we always aim to include at least 3 different plastic types, colors and disc types (putter, mid, driver). This Mystery Box contains only golf discs, so you don’t need to pay for anything else!

Trust no substitutes – Get the Original Discmania Mystery Box!

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