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Discmania Mystery Box
- Evolution Mystery Disc

5 stars200+ reviews

Mystery boxes are the perfect way to treat yourself or others to a special surprise.

Each batch pays us a visit twice a year. Once in early Summer (around June) and the second time in Winter just following Black Weekend. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay on the pulse for each exciting arrival.

Some of our Customer Reviews

5 stars

”The Discmania Mystery Boxes are AWESOME. Whether you’re new to Discmania or a longtime fan, there is something in there for everyone. I enjoy getting a nice variety of different molds and plastics that allows me to try new things and constantly reinvent and perfect my game. Plus, they always stick something cool in there ☺ ” Andrew, California

5 stars

“The discs you receive are a complete mystery! There’s a theme for each separate release and items are pretty user friendly. It’s easy to be satisfied with a box because there is no implied expectation of items or value.” Rick, Oregon

5 stars

“Have you ever told someone, “Just surprise me,” when ordering something? Do you like surprises? And most of all, do you like Discmania Discs? Crazy new releases, stuff you already love, and a great value for your hard earned money! Don’t delay!” John, Maine

Great value in each box

We do not want to let our customers down, so we assure that the content of each Mystery Box is worth at least 1.5 times the purchasing price. Since we offer different sized boxes, you can be sure that whichever size you like best will always offer an equal amount of value.

In addition to the specialty releases specified on each box product, all boxes contain a mix of stock stamped and specialty stamped Discmania discs. Each Mystery Box edition utilizes a featured disc in each one. With every new edition comes a different unique disc that is exclusive to those boxes. You can be sure that all featured discs are a must-have for all Discmaniacs and you won't want to miss out when each new edition launches.

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